Life & Business Coaching

Straight forward, honest but kind approach

With over two decades working in and consulting with Advertising Agencies, Corporate Marketing Departments and many other Industries as a Traffic/Project Manager and Efficiency Consultant, I bring a unique knowledge and understanding of the challenges individuals face both professionally and personally. I will work with you to create and achieve your goals through one-on-one interaction either in a single session or with an ongoing relationship. This includes:

  • Listening to your individual challenges

  • Helping you to discover and clarify what you want to acheive

  • Encouraging and supporting you in self-discovery

  • Facilitating solutions and strategies

  • Holding you responsible and accountable

My goal is to help you through this process by inspiring you to maximize your professional and person potential. I believe we all have the potential to live our best authentic lives and I will help you unlock what already exists inside of you to do so. I come with a straight forward and positive approach. I am passionate about helping individuals live their best authentic life!


Life & Business Coaching Testimonials 

"As a professional business coach, Judy's guidance resulted in me overcoming a major obstacle at the office, renewed my focus on improving my work product, helped me energize my entire team and most importantly her actions caused me to be re-inspired in my chosen field after 20+ years.

Judy's approach is direct, no-nonsense and backed with empirical knowledge about the workplace. She has a keen intellect for situational dynamics - which allows her to provide real-world solutions to real-world problems. She does not espouse theories from a book, she provides tailored direction that is actionable.

Lastly, she's a person who is passionate about the development of others. This is important to her and it comes through every session.

If this was Yelp, I'd lobby the company for a six-star rating for Judy." - Sean Hardwick [Advertising Executive and Leader]

“Judy inspired and guided me when I began searching for a new work adventure after [too] many years in advertising. She encouraged me to stay busy with volunteerism and such while waiting for callbacks and meetings. Her positive mental attitude is contagious. She believes, hands down, the right thing comes along at the right time. Truth! Her words gave me peace of mind. She's smart and sincere and I am thankful for her advice and friendship”. - J. Godwin [Print Production Supervisor at HD Supply]

“ I wanted to let you know that I talk about the advice you gave me ALL THE TIME. I cite it in examples of friends & colleagues who are going through career changes & self doubt, and I tell them about my indecision arc and how you got me to an amazing place. I use your analogy — which is impossible to describe over email because your visual was the best part of it all — but when you drew a circle over my head and said ‘This is what your clients are buying’ — meaning you were describing my special sauce, my special essence that is uniquely my own that my clients will buy just because I’m ME and will do things in my special & unique way. It’s the best advice I have gotten in business & I carry it with me EVERY DAY!!!” Melissa R [Owner espanyolet]

"I learned so much from Judy when I first started trafficking for a creative agency. Her expertise and guidance really helped me to put processes in place that simplified even the most daunting projects! She continues to be an invaluable resource as I've grown professionally." - S. Sims [Senior Traffic Manager at Nebo Agency]

“From advising of best practices in the industry to learning how to work effectively with a myriad of personality types, Judy Sargent helped equip me with the skills and tools I needed to be a successful Traffic Manager at the beginning of my career.

And throughout my career, Judy has been with me every step of the way to encourage me to hone my skills and provide one-on-one advice specific to the problems at hand. She is uniquely talented at listening to a situation and providing challenging advice to help you determine your goals, evolve them and achieve them time and time again”. - K. Elliot [Account Coordinator/Traffic Manager at Crabb Radermacher]

“Judy Sargent has become my traffic and production “mentor”. She implemented a successful traffic/production process into my prior agency, eliminating missed deadlines and drastically improving the quality and integrity of all work. Over the course of 3 months Judy trained me to manage the entire creative department successfully. A year later I am successfully running the entire creative department for all of Emory Healthcare Marketing solely managing the creative process with over 100-200 projects at a time, and a multi-million dollar media budget. Without a doubt I would not have been able to achieve these successes without Judy’s guidance and training, not only during her time as a contractor with my former agency, but continuously throughout my career.” - W. Hennessey [Previous Traffic Manager at Emory Healthcare]